ONTD Original: The best, worst and weirdest of Eurovision!



Celine Dion and her questionable outfit performed and won the competition for Switzerland in 1988

Greek resident hunk Sakis Rouvas came in 3rd in 2004

Turkey not only won the contest with this belly-shaking anthem in 2003 but also started a trend of ethic songs in the contest

Sweden's emo/karate kid performance got them 1st place in 2012


Representing Yugoslavia in the 1991 Song Contest, comes the original Lady Gaga, Bebi Doll!

Glittering silver costumes, disco balls, and Ukraine's Verka Serduchka!

Germany sent a dancing Dschinghis Khan and came in 4th back in 1979! Points for the conductor doing his best Elvis impression

An all around hot mess

Even dancing grannies have made an appearance in the competition!

Straight from your local gay bar to the Eurovision stage, is Bosnia and Herzegovina's 2004 entry

Romania also gave us this... interesting musical experience


Greece's version of Britney Spears Kalomira owned the stage but lost out on the main trophy from Russia's inferior Dima Billan

Although a favorite to win, Kate Ryan's Je t'adore did not even qualify to the final!

The true winner of the 2002 Contest tbh

In the last year with juries exclusively determining the winner, Gina G's sexy performance could only reach 7th place. However the song went on to top the UK charts and scored a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording (!)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/eurovision/videos + my taste

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