Zayn post about how good looking Zayn is.

Things have been pretty quiet on the Zayn Malik front recently, as he’s been chilling like a villain during his time off from the crazy One Direction schedule and not really doing much other than taking selfies that make our eyeballs ache.

But last night he decided that it was time to let his quiff down and get cruuunk with his besties, and headed for a lads night out at Faces nightclub in Essex. YES WE KNOW, a 1D lad in a club other than Funky Buddha or The Box. It’s like the apocalypse.
080314 zayn1
But before we start weeping over Zayn's face, why is this bloke genuinely dressed as Harry Styles? What the...?

Sadly, we were busy eating a mountain of nachos and watching Crufts while Zayn was out partying, but luckily he met a whole load of fans who shared their pictures with him on the magic of the interweb, so we can witness the fitness for ourselves.
080314 zayn6
Ooh, we thought that Neckscarf Zayn was our favourite Zayn of 2014 so far, but we think we might have just been knocked off the top spot by Green Plaid Zayn. Especially when he’s sticking his tongue out and doing jazz hands.

And now you’ll probably want to hold on to your ovaries for this next one, because it contains that tongue-and-teeth smile he does that's so gorgeous it makes us sweat a bit.
080314 zayn7
HOLY ROAST POTATOES, check out those pearly whites. But jeez, the guy touching heads with him could look a bit happier, you're literally sharing skin particles with the most handsome lad in this universe.

Wanna see el Maliko doing that pointing thing that lads always do in photos? Okay, here you go.

080314 zayn3
Aaand here he is with a bald bloke who’s definitely only taken this photo to show his daughter, and possibly thinks that he’s standing next to Justin Bieber.
080314 zayn4
Unlike this girl, who represents us all and looks a bit like she might genuinely explode after having Zayn Malik’s ear touch her face.

And there’s Harry’s wardrobe thief in the background, probably trying to work out when he can run out and buy a green checked shirt now.
080314 zayn5

ONTD, did you wish Gaga wouldve clone Zayn for the entire world?