Beyoncé 'changed my life forever' says concert goer

Also,  Beyoncé releases new tour video!

Watch above: Welcome to the all-new Mrs Carter Show 2014

A DIE-HARD Beyoncé fan, who was given a birthday to remember after the pop songstress personally serenaded her, says the experience has 'changed her life forever.'

Shehnaz Khan went to The Mrs Carter Show World Tour at the LG Arena in Birmingham recently to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

Armed with regular tickets, the Lillington resident made a donation to the singer's Bey Good charity and was one of a lucky few selected for a seat upgrade to the VIP area near the front of the stage.

Having already caught the superstar's attention with her birthday badge and banner earlier in the show, Shehnaz was then left flabbergasted when Beyoncé stopped the band mid-concert to take her hand, ask her name and sing happy birthday.

And the former North Leamington School pupil was so shocked, she didn't even realise she was recording the whole incident on her mobile phone.

The story has since made the national press while the video has been viewed almost 250,000 times on Youtube.

And Shehnaz - who also got Beyoncé's towel thrown to her - says it has completely changed her life.

She told The Observer: "Five years ago I was at a show where she sang happy birthday to someone and I always wanted it to happen to me.

"Then it did and things have just gone crazy overnight! People are requesting me for interviews, it's gone all over Twitter and the national press coverage - I can't believe it!

"I never thought it would go viral as Beyoncé tends to sing happy birthday at concerts but the fact she actually stopped the show and came over to me was just amazing."

And the 22-year-old, who is part way through an MA in broadcast journalism, is hoping her 15 minutes of fame will help launch her career.

She added: "I didn't expect to get picked to go into the VIP area but when she came over, I just thought to myself: 'Wow this is insane.'

"I want to do freelance and I like writing and I also wouldn't rule out a move into radio so I guess we'll see what happens. Since it's gone viral, I've had job offers to write guest columns online - it's just mad.

"Whatever I choose to do, I will never forget that night - words can't even begin to describe how incredible it was."