Mariah Carey singing live in her shower

Mariah Carey sang Happy Birthday live from her shower for friend B. Scott, who posted the recording to Facebook with the message,

"I woke up to the most touching surprise which totally made me cry this morning from My Mimi, Mariah Carey. She sang me a birthday moment in a way that only the legendary Mariah Carey could. She wrote: "Happy belated B. Scott day ! 4 days you still celebrate ! Just for laughs..I multitask!???? No.. I didn't forget.. I'm just in between songs finishing (the) album! Xoxo !!!!!!" Thank you my dearest heart, My Mimi for making this birthday truly memorable! I love you so much, xoxo!"

Mariah shared the recording on her own Facebook page afterward, adding, "Live from the shower - happy belated B. Scott day! 4 days you still celebrate! Just for laughs..I multitask!"

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The most live vocals she's blessed her fans with this year!!