10 (5) Things We Want To See In The Incredibles 2

In October 2014, it will have been 10 years since Mr Incredible and his spandex-donning brood hit the big screen, with The Incredibles breaking box office records for Pixar by making $70m in its first weekend alone.

Audiences have been clamouring for a sequel pretty much ever since then (us among them), and we finally got our wish when, in March 2014, Disney announced that writer-director Brad Bird is hard at work on “a great story” for The Incredibles 2.

So what do we want from that story?

Real Time

The first absolute must is that real time has elapsed in the world of The Incredibles. It’s an approach that the Toy Story films did to brilliant effect and would work just as well with Bob Parr and his family.

In The Incredibles 2, baby Jack-Jack should now be 10 years old, while Dash is 20 and Violet even older, perhaps now with her own Incredible family. Mr and Mrs Incredible as kick-ass grandparents? We're onto a winner…


The first Incredibles was nothing if not ambitious. The first half of the film was brave enough to go slow-burn, ensconcing us in the domestic discord that was the everyday lives of the Parr family before tipping us headfirst into a sixties-style super-spy action thriller.

Considering every one of the Toy Story sequels became increasingly more thrillingly complicated, we’d want the same to be true of Incredibles 2.

How about a time-jumping storyline that's basically Watchmen For Kids? All you’d need is a villain with an ingenious ‘Time Ray Gun’ and we’d be away.

More Edna Mode

Of all the secondary characters in The Incredibles that we fell head over patent leather heels for, Edna Mode was the one we fell for the most. Voiced by director Brad Bird, she was loveably crotchety and a total fashion luvvie, and we can’t wait to see her up on the big screen again.

This time, we expect her to get even more screen time (as popular characters tend to in sequels). Perhaps we’ll get an insight into her origin story (she was a superhero at one time herself, surely?), or a visit to her brand new studio. Has Edna Mode taken over the fashion world even more since the last film?

Hell, she could even become the film's secondary villain, brainwashed by the main villain into helping take down the Parrs with some dastard sartorial scheme.

Standalone Story

Considering the popularity of The Incredibles (and the positive reaction to the announcement of a sequel), it would be hugely tempting for Disney to use Incredibles 2 as a launch-pad for further franchise spin-offs and sequels – just as they’re doing with Star Wars.

Where the Star Wars spin-offs are sort of par for the course (there have already been loads of others anyway), Incredibles 2 should be all about a standalone story rather than attempting to set up other movies down the line.

One well-developed new villain would be far preferable to three sub-par ones with cool powers (hi, Spider-Man 3).

Marvel Crossover

In the years since the first Incredibles was released, Disney bought both Pixar and Marvel Entertainment.

Now, we’re not saying there should be a massive cross-over between the two, but a film like Incredibles 2 definitely lends itself to a few cheeky in-jokes – a cameo from Captain America wouldn’t go amiss.

Or maybe an early scene in which Nick Fury attempts to recruit the Parr family to S.H.I.E.L.D., only to come to the conclusion that the kids would be too much hassle. Speaking of Samuel L. Jackson.

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What do you hope to see in the movie?