31 (5.5 lol) Most Shocking TV Deaths

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22. EDDARD STARK (Sean Bean), Game of Thrones (2011)
Sure his death was clearly in the George R.R. Martin books that the HBO series is based on, but for those who hadn't read them, watching Eddard Stark meet his demise in a violent beheading in episode 9 was quite a shocker. The seeming central figure had been the face on the show's posters and billboards, yet there was nothing to spare him the fate that had long awaited him. —Abby West

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14. KENNY, South Park (1997)
They killed a kid. Seriously, they had a boy blasted by an alien spaceship, trampled by a herd of cattle, then run over by a police cruiser. Then his friends and some rats desecrated his body. Granted, they did worse to Kenny over the next five seasons, but that first death really made us all go, ''Oh my God, they killed Kenny!'' —Abby West

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13. IANTO JONES (Gareth David-Lloyd), Torchwood: Children of Earth (2009)
Torchwood has never shied away from killing off major characters. But that small fact hardly lessened the blow that Ianto's (Gareth David-Lloyd) death inflicted in last year's Children of Earth miniseries. Not only was he arguably the franchise's most beloved alien hunter, but he was in a romance with the central hero, Captain Jack! Viewers bypassed denial and went straight to the anger phase of grief. Boycotts were threatened. Death threats were made. And through it all, Torchwood's creator remained shockingly (and somewhat admirably) unapologetic. ''If [they] can't handle drama [they] shouldn't watch it,'' he told EW.com at the time in response to the backlash. ''Find something else. Go look at poetry. Poetry's wonderful.'' —Michael Ausiello

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11. JOHN LOCKE (Terry O'Quinn), Lost (2009)
Locke's steadfast faith in the importance of the Island seemed essential to the balance of the show. So how could diabolical mastermind Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) really be wrapping a cord around his neck and killing him dead? He's not really dead? Right?? —Abby West

7. SAYID JARRAH (Naveen Andrews), SUN-HWA KWON (Yunjin Kim), and JIN-SOO KWON (Daniel Dae Kim), Lost (2010)
Lost has killed off plenty of major characters, but it was truly shocking to lose all three of these Islanders in the span of a few minutes. Sayid, a troubled soul from the beginning, certainly turned toward the dark side that season, but he always seemed to be reaching for redemption. His final act was a heroic one as he spirited away a bomb trying to save the lives of his fellow castaways. Meanwhile, through time warps, spatial anomalies, and various people with guns out to get them, Jin and Sun fought their way back to each other only to die a watery death holding hands. Hurley's loud sobs on the beach at news of their demise were echoed in many a household. —Abby West

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1. RITA (Julie Benz), Dexter (2009)
Trinity (John Lithgow) was dead. Rita and the kids were sent away on vacation. After flirting with danger more than a couple times during season 4, Dexter was home and safe. Phew. But then, in those final moments of the season finale, Dexter made a call, and realized Rita's cell phone was still in the house — and so was she, having bled to death at the hands of Trinity in her own bathtub. (Say it with me, fellow Dexter fans: Nooooooo! Not Rita!) Sure, over the course of four seasons, we had grown accustomed to saying goodbye to characters both big (Hey, Doakes!) and small (catch ya later, Little Chino), but to unexpectedly kill off someone so close to Dexter's (and our) hearts — it felt downright cruel. And awesome. —Kate Ward

i tried to choose not spoilerish ones but beware of the spoilers @ the source
also maybe use a spoiler cut if the character died in the last two weeks lmao
anyway, what tv death traumatised you the most, ontd?
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