FRIDAY WAS NATIONAL FRAGRANCE DAY!! Top 10 (5) Current Celeb Fragrances!


Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds

In 2013 alone, the floral-scented White Diamonds made $10 million in sales. As the late actress told Kim Kardashian, who interviewed her for Harper’s Bazaar in 2011, “I always wanted to have a fragrance... to be able to connect with people in ways other than through film. Fragrance is an incredibly intimate thing. It can evoke very specific thoughts or memories and is a little different for each person who wears it... I had no idea that White Diamonds would become a classic when we began, but I am thrilled it has because it means we have really succeeded in giving women a little bit of luxury every day.”


Jay-Z’s Gold

Jay-Z's Gold struck gold: it made $6 million in sales for 2013—even though it only launched in December!


Rihanna’s Rogue

This is the superstar’s 4th fragrance. It's made $6.7 million, and contains hints of lemon blossom, jasmine, cyclamen, rose, plum and suede over a base of musk, woods, patchouli, vanilla and amber.


Katy Perry's Killer Queen

Perry's two prior fragrances were Purr and Meow!, both of which came in cat-shaped bottles. Departing from the feline theme, Killer Queen has a red ruby bottle, and has made $3.9 million.


One Direction's Our Moment

The group’s debut fragrance made a staggering $24 million in 2013.

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What's your favorite scents ONTD??