Johnny Depp is Wearing a Man-gagement Ring

Johnny Depp is known for being a trendsetter with his funky hats - and now he's wearing something else that's also in the minority for men: a man-gagement ring.

The actor was pictured at his 1920s-themed engagement party last week with a signet-style engagement ring on his ring finger. We know that the actor loves a bold accessory (or 10), but the newest addition to his left hand has never been seen before.

Although not too many guys wear wedding rings before they get married, Johnny would be the perfect man to make it a trend. After all - why should Amber Heard have all the fun with her massive round-cut engagement ring?

The couple got engaged in December, so it looks like their wedding date could be getting close!

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No close-up pic of the ring, but I'm sure some other great e-rings will show up in the post.