Former Billboard Editor, Bill Werde: "Gaga Needs a Break"

Is Pop star Lady GaGa in need of a vacation?

Well, if former Billboard editor Bill Werde‘s opinion is to be taken as gospel, the answer to that question is simply…yes.

What the Pop tastemaker had to say about the ‘Fashion’ performer during a recent Twitter Q&A session?

When quizzed on his feelings towards the star’s latest attempt to revive interest her new album ‘ARTPOP‘, Werde declared:

Coming after she cut ties with long time manager Troy Carter and came under fire for a ‘vomit-stained’ set at this year’s ‘SXSW‘ festival, Bill’s remarks touched down hours before the release of her latest music video, shot to support new single ‘G.U.Y.’

His take on her single choices?

Do you agree?

Will G.U.Y smash? or will it flop?