16 & Pregnant Season 5 Premier Date. Meet Some Of The Girls.

According to a MTV press release that was distributed today, the show will premiere much earlier than we thought: the air date is April 29! (This will start right as Season 5A of Teen Mom 2 ends!) Oddly, MTV has pushed the time that the show airs back an hour: it will now start at 11pm on Tuesdays. The show used to air at 10pm.

This season on ’16 and Pregnant,’ viewers will be introduced to: the star athlete who gets pregnant after a one night stand and faces the prospect of being forced to move out of her home after the baby is born, a young girl who gives birth to twins and after constant fighting with the father of her children isn’t sure he will be there to help her raise them, a teen mother trying to mend her relationship with her own mother who struggles with addiction, and the popular girl who gets pregnant and ends up homeless. Each story will delve deeply into the unglamorous world of teen pregnancy, as this group of young moms will have to face the ups and downs of teen parenthood,” the press release states.

The show’s creator, Lauren Dolgen, provided a quote for the media in regard to the new season. “’16 and Pregnant’ has gone above and beyond our expectations in terms of its impact on the decline of teen pregnancy and teen parenthood. We are excited to continue to provide a real and unfiltered look at the joy and pain of becoming a teen parent unexpectedly,” she said.

Karley is a married 17 year old from Utah. She and her husband Tony welcomed twin girls Amaya & Amariah in November.

Maddy is a 16 year old from Illinois. She and her boyfriend Cody welcomed daughter Aubrey Lynn in October. Her mother, who also recently gave birth, gave her one month after the baby was born to stay at home before she would be kicked out.

Autumn is a 16 year old from Virginia. She gave birth to her son Drake in December. Her 18 year old sister Misty also recently gave birth to her son Jayden. Her episode will also follow her tumultuous on-again/off-again relationship with her boyfriend Dustin who has a wild streak and love of marijuana.

Aleah is a an 18 year old from Missouri. She and her boyfriend welcomed daughter Peyton Reianne in December. She had to induced early due to her complications surrounding her gestational diabetes. She is also helping to raise Shawn's 3 year old son Noah from a previous relationship.

Summer is a married high school junior from Georgia. She and her husband DJ welcomed son Peyton Daniel in October.

Chassiney is a 17 year old from Missouri. She welcomed son Jaxen James just two weeks ago. She was a star on her high school's track and field team even during her pregnancy but had to quit when she was put on strict bed rest due to her high blood pressure. Her child's father Marcus is the first 16&P baby daddy to refuse to be filmed by MTV. They broke up before Chassiney found out she was pregnant and he started dating her best friend.

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