Cody Simpson's New Song Surfboard and Its Totally Coincidental Release During DiL's Success

Cody Simpson has clearly been doing a lot of growing up since the last time we heard from him.

The 17-year-old Australian pop star dropped his latest catchy single "Surfboard" on Tuesday (March 18). It starts out as a laid-back summer song, but with a little dub-step, it quickly flips the switch to an urban-pop jam.

Perhaps the best part about the song is when Simpson get's all Queen B on us as he channels Beyonce's hit "Drunk in Love" and sings, "she on my surfboard, surfboard, gonna ride it- surfboard."

MTV News caught up with the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, who told us that it was just coincidence that both he and Beyonce have a love for surfboards.

"Everyone was like, 'Beyonce did that' and I had the idea for a while. And then Beyonce's came out and I absolutely love that song, but when I heard it I didn't know if it was going to affect my idea at all," Simpson said, clarifying that he recorded the track before Beyonce's single dropped. "And at the end of the day I thought about it so much and I thought 'Hey it's a part of pop culture right now,' if I was going to release this song it would probably be the best time to do it, so I decided why not just go along with it now."

The single, which was inspired by his love for surfing and his girlfriend, model Gigi Hadid, is definitely a departure from his previous work. Simpson, who is hoping to release his third album this summer, admitted that he's been experimenting with different sounds and mixing his summer vibe with "modern, urban drums."

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