Karlie Kloss says nice things about Taylor Swift

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Opening up about Swifty to Cosmopolitan, Karlie spilled: “She is the coolest girl, she’s so sweet. That [the Victoria's Secret show] was really the first time I got to meet her, although we’d crossed paths a bunch of times... I really got the chance to get to know her.”

When asked what sorts of stuff they talk about together on their gal pal sleepovers and bezzie mates road trips, Karlie revealed: “She’s a normal girl. She’s not that much older than me, like two years older. Normal girl stuff like boys, dancing...”

“She’s a really, really nice girl and someone that I’ve really gotten to know. She is perfect and nice and never says anything mean”, she added.

And answering the question that we’ve all ALWAYS wanted to know, Karlie admitted that Taylor Swift is a gramatically correct texter. Of course she is. She spilled: “She does ‘y-o-u’ rather than ‘u’, she’s a true writer. But I’m better at using emojis. Hashtag bombshell.”

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