Film about Gloria Trevi to premiere in September

Mexico City, Mar 14 (EFE).- A film inspired by the eventful life of singer Gloria Trevi will premiere next Sept. 5 in more than 1,000 movie theaters around Mexico, the producers said.

While Trevi has expressed unhappiness over the "Gloria" project, producer Matthias Ehrenberg told a press conference that the screenplay is based on interviews she gave to journalist and playwright Sabina Berman and seeks above all to pay tribute to the singer.

"It's an impartial story with no yellow journalism in it. Basically it's about Gloria the celebrity, her rise to fame, what happened to her, things that go out of control and the consequences," Ehrenberg said.

Taking the story to the screen are Sofia Espinosa as Trevi and Marco Perez in the role of her manager Sergio Andrade.

The film includes several of Trevi's songs because the production company acquired the rights, and will be sung by Espinosa, Ehrenberg said.

"Gloria" will screen in theaters around Mexico starting Sept. 5, Mauricio Duran Ortega, vice president of marketing and distribution at Universal Pictures in Latin America, said.

Gloria Trevi was arrested in Brazil in the year 2000, accused by a Mexican court of the kidnapping, sexual abuse and corruption of minors, together with Andrade and one of her backup singers.

After a long legal battle in Brazil, the singer was extradited to her country in 2002 and pardoned by a Mexican court two years later, after which she returned to show business.