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The Amazing Spiderman 2 news/clips + Andrew/Emma pics

Our first clip sees Garfield’s Peter Parker kiss Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) in a cupboard, where they’re hiding in order to escape some goons. But those goons aren’t after Parker, they’re going for Gwen, which forces an undercover Spider-Man into action. Having created some ridiculous obstacles for Gwen’s foes, she slips into the lift and he skips off gleefully. Some light-hearted action for you there.

The second clip, though, take a more serious tone. A bewildered Electro is the centre of attention right at the heart of New York. With a substantial crowd watching over him, Spider-Man must attempt to calm him down – and he’s doing a pretty good job until some idiot with a sniper shoots Electro. Things all go a bit crazy after that.

And finally, the third clip, which sees Dane DeHaan as Harry Osbourne – Parker’s best friend and the son of Norman Osbourne. He’s also the second coming when it comes to Green Goblins given his father’s penchant for messing about with super serums and neglecting his offspring. In this video, Osbourne and Parker are talking about their fathers, but it isn’t long before audiences will start giggling when Parker explains his stone skimming skills are “all in the wrist”.

Sony Announces London World Premiere For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

LONDON March 13, 2014 Sony Pictures Releasing (UK) today announced that the World Premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to take place in London on Thursday April 10th , ahead of its nationwide release in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on April 18th.
The Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square will play host to the spectacular World Premiere event.

Garfield said, “I’m delighted to see the World Premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 take place in my home town. I can’t wait to present this movie to audiences across the UK.”

In addition to the London Leicester Square Premiere event, fans across the UK and Ireland will have the chance to be part of this Amazing occasion as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will also be shown simultaneously at 20 regional premieres.

Andrew and Emma in a rare PDA!

Get a room, you two!
Emma Stone was seen smooching her hunky boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, while out and about in Los Angeles yesterday.
The couple was running errands in Beverly Hills and enjoying the perfect sunny weather when the redheaded actress decided to plant a wet one on her leading man.
Stone was casually dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, gray sweater and adorable bright yellow oxford flats.
Meanwhile, her Brit boyfriend was dressed in green trousers and a matching gray sweater.

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