Oh, John.

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John Leguizamo Recalls Tormenting Co-Star Penelope Ann Miller

John Leguizamo played a cruel prank on Carlito's Way co-star Penelope Ann Miller after the pair fell out - by shrinking her costumes. The actor took an instant dislike to Miller during the shooting of the 1993 film.

In his upcoming autobiography “Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, And All The Rest Of My Hollywood Friends,” Leguizamo writes, "You really have to know Penelope Ann Miller to dislike her. She's the kind of girl who would flirt with anyone in the world as long as people are watching."

Leguizamo and the wardrobe department decided to get even with Miller - by taking in her clothes an inch at a time.

He writes, "Every day her outfits are getting a little tighter, a little tighter. She goes on a starvation diet. Watch the movie, you'll see she gets thinner and thinner."


Director Nichols drank urine

LONDON: Acclaimed director Mike Nichols was forced to drink urine during the filming of the movie "Regarding Henry".

According to contactmusic.com, Nichols had to drink urine after he upset crewmembers of the 1991 film.

This revelation was made by actor John Leguizamo in his latest autobiography and he recalls how Nichols used to complain that his cappuccino "tastes like p**s". Some of the crew then decided to get revenge by urinating in Nichols' personal espresso machine.

Nichols apparently enjoyed the drink saying, "Now that's a cup of coffee!"


Pranks for the memory

The actor himself loves a good prank. During rehearsals for "A Midsummer Night's Dream," he sprinkled itching powder into Fisher Stevens' underwear and Elizabeth McGovern's bra.


Then there was his 2002 film "Collateral Damage," which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Writes Leguizamo: "I heard him tell one woman in the costuming department, 'Your fingernail polish is pink. Are your nipples the same color?' ... He got away with it - because they knew he was just kidding around."