Taylor Swift cooks with her "hero" Ina Garten in the Hamptons

Taylor Swift spent Thursday cooking with Ina Garten at her home in East Hampton, leading to speculation that she will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of The Food Network's The Barefoot Contessa.

Swift tweeted excitedly: "A day of cooking in the Hamptons with my HERO. How bad can that be?"

Garten shared her excitement: "Just another day at the office - OMG cooking with Taylor Swift! Love her!!!"

Swift is a longtime Ina Garten fan. In 2010, she told Parade: "I watch Ina Garten, I love her. She's awesome," while in 2013 she named Garten as one of her dream dinner party guests: "She could help me cook, too!"

The affection is mutual. Garten declared herself a "huge Taylor Swift fan" back in 2012. She has pinned pictures of Swift to her official Pinterest page ("Love Taylor Swift's music!") and advised readers of her blog to play Swift's "upbeat and fun" music while serving cocktails. Garten has also admitted to listening to Swift's songs to get "pumped up" before filming a show.

Garten has previously said she is selective about inviting guests to appear on her show: "A lot of people have asked to be guests, but I really keep it to friends. I don't think you can fake a party."

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