Jason Biggs Makes a Joke about Missing Malaysian Flight, Remains a Distasteful Prick

'American Pie' actor Jason Biggs has upset the online community with a Malaysian Airlines joke on Twitter while watching 'The Bachelor.'

We can't believe we even have to write these two things in the one sentence, but controversial comedian Jason Biggs is at it again, this time causing upset after joking about the missing MH370 flight on Twitter while watching the reality dating show 'The Bachelor.'

While some fans of Biggs think the joke was funny, many were offended and outraged. One user, identified as Laura Walker tweeted: "Ugh @JasonBiggs, there are families going out of their minds with worry and you make a cheap joke relating to THAT show? #NotCool."

Another user, identified as ThisIsRaizza tweeted: "@JasonBiggs Too soon. Families are missing." Previously Biggs has caused waves on social media by jokingly tweeting about his son's circumcision and also breast feeding from his wife, Jenny Mollen.