Album Review: The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell

Taylor Momsen is going to Hell., and judging by the cover photo of The Pretty Reckless’ sophomore full length effort, she plans on being damn sexy when she arrives on the Devil’s doorstep. Whether or not Going to Hell is a legitimate confessional or a full fledged attempt at Momsen shedding her adolescent television days, her cigarette-laden growl and open arms acceptance of an eternity in flames is pretty convincing. “Follow Me Down,” the opening bit, sets the tone for the record right away. Opening with the sound of rain and the sexual innuendo of erotic moans and heavy breathing, transcended into a hard hitting track with a southern blues-like hook that will challenge the listener to not tap their foot along to the melody, it just may be the best track on the record but there is plenty more where that came from. The title track, “Going to Hell” is a percussion driven jam that’s anchored by an exceptional metal guitar riff and an angry, yet arousing, growl that conveys the message that: “We’re not going to heaven and we really don’t give a shit!” “Heaven Knows,” the third song in, demonstrates the abilities of the entire band. No, it doesn’t quite get the head bangers out in full force, but it does resurrect that old time music feel with a tambourine beat and a 70′s esq guitar cue along with a chorus of hand clapping and choir voices.

A seeming homage to a timeless period in rock music, Momsen’s effort on this particular tune rings like a splash of Stevie Nicks with a dash of attitude prescribed by Joan Jett herself (Yes, a high praise but for a very unique piece of song writing). Leave room for “Burn,” a short acoustic ballad that strays away from the hard rock roots of the album, yet is balanced in a manner that showcases Momsen’s vocal abilities to a much cleaner degree while not abandoning her trademark gravelly pitch. A breath of fresh air before transitioning back into the basics with cuts such as “Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party?” and “Fucked Up World.” Oozing with attitude, rebellion and spunk, “Going to Hell” is a juggernaut of well balanced metal, alternative and classical style rock. Throw in an attack of well written lyrics and story telling that compliments the music itself, along with the ability to manipulate any shortcomings for a young band of twenty somethings (hold on... has the writer actually seen the dudes in this band?!) with an impressive ceiling still looming above them, you don’t want to skip this one without a cover to cover listen. With this follow up to the 2010 debut of “Light Me Up,” The Pretty Reckless have made great strides in just about every aspect of honing their skills and their attitude. Taking the next leap into “Like us or not, we’re gonna be here awhile.” And why not? They know they’re going to Hell anyway.


"Absolution" is my jam rn... and bitch why is Burn so short?!