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Cristiano Ronaldo pays for Real Madrid fan to have brain surgery

With his on-pitch swagger and multi-million pound lifestyle, many have accused of Cristiano Ronaldo of just being another arrogant footballer.

But the Real Madrid superstar showed he is anything but this week, after pledging to cover the medical bills of one very ill supporter.

Erik Ortiz Cruz, a 10-month old Real fan, has cortical dysplasia – a brain abnormality that causes up to 30 seizures each day. The Cruz family have been desperately trying to raise money for his treatment, but because of the huge about of funds needed, it’s been tricky. The nipper needs £60,000 for an operation on his brain, while each test, which he will need for a long time after the operation, costs about £6,000 each.

But just as hope seemed to be fading, AS reports that Ronaldo has stepped in to stop Erik’s plight, by pledging any money needed to help him. Ronaldo is also helping to raise extra money for the family, by donating signed kit and boosts to a charity auction.

What a guy.


Cris also made a public plea on his facebook this week on behalf of Save the Children's campaign for Syrian refugee children.
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