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Are You the One? Recap

A week after we saw Chris S. pulling some nifty manipulative moves on Paige, this week's installment of Are You the One? gave us even more reasons to question the motives of the entire cast.

Adam and Brittany, who have had their very own volatile relationship, have started hooking up again because, hey, why not? Anyone else remember how Adam called Brittany clingy and refused to be associated with her? Maybe not the best foundation for a relationship.

But after tonight's inaugural hookup, the contestants were led to compete in the "well hung" challenge. They had to hang on to a slick rope in pairs while "the sexiest lube allowed in the state of Hawaii" was poured on them. Seriously, major kudos to MTV for tracking down that gem.

The three pairs that could hold on the longest were winners and left for a private afternoon date. Joey and Ashleigh outlasted the entire house, while Ryan and Kayla and Chris S. and Simone were the runners-up. Not going to lie, that's a pretty impressive display of athleticism right there. Any person who can hang on a lubed-up rope for any extended period of time deserves an award. And on another note, that is officially a sentence I never thought I would write.

At the end of the challenge, Ashleigh and Joey embarked on their private date where they got to share a meal and a cozy tent. Ashleigh, who has had a romance with Dre throughout the season, was hesitant to open up to Joey. So when it came time for the couple to cozy up in a small tent for the night, they slept on their own sides of the airbed and didn't touch. How romantic!

While the duo was enjoying their private time away from the house, Ryan and Kayla had their own romantic getaway. Or so Ryan had planned. When he asked his potential match to go to the "Boom Boom Room" (yes, you read that correctly), she vehemently refused. Good for you, girl! I mean, let's just dissect the name for a second. Any guesses about what goes on behind those closed doors?

But that wasn't the end of the drama for Kayla. The next morning (on the day of her double date with Ryan and Chris S. and Simone), she made a startling confession. She approached Amber (of Ethan and Amber, the star couple of the season) and admitted that she had kissed Ethan earlier in the show. "I'm not throwing him under the bus," Kayla said. "I'm just laying out the facts."

Yet the house quickly formed against her, and the 15-against-1 fight began.

Let's pause here and analyze. Those 15 vs. 1 odds (keep in mind that two couples are already in their honeymoon suites and are no longer in the house) are not favorable for Kayla. Impressively, she listened to everyone's criticisms and absorbed their words until she reached her breaking point and ended up opting out of the group date. Don't blame ya, girl!

But despite her absence, Kayla and Ryan were still voted into the truth booth. Shocker: they were not a match, so their individual searches continue. And they followed with the matching ceremony, where Wes and Kayla, Chris S. and Jacy, Adam and Shanely, Ethan and Amber, Joey and Jessica, Dre and Simone, Ryan and Ashleigh, John and Brittany all coupled up.

Excitingly enough, we had SEVEN perfect matches! With three matches left and three weeks to go, we might actually see a million-dollar payday!


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