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Target Is Now in the Lead for Worst Photoshop Job Ever With This Horrifying Thigh Gap


The last question you should be asking yourself when you're cruising Target's website and looking at pictures of the models showcasing the clothes is: "Where is her vagina?"

And yet, that's almost definitely what ran through people's minds when they stumbled across this horribly (and that's an understatement) photoshopped pic of a model wearing a Junior's bikini. Obviously they were going for that whole thigh gap look that people disturbingly crave, but they forgot to make sure that her uterus remained intact.

Young women, to be clear, you do not want your undercarriage to be this skinny. Because a huge chunk of it is missing, and you need that to reproduce, among other things.

Oh, but wait. That's not the only part of the photo that's embarrassingly hacked up. Take a look at Target's attempt to make her arms and waist a bit skinnier:

Girl, there are spikes coming out of your skin! Get that checked out. What's the prognosis for jagged edges popping out of your body?

Jezebel even found photoshops very similar to these on other swimsuit models on the site. Parents, please let your young daughters know that boxy spaces in between your legs and spikes popping out from your body are not a symbol of real beauty.

The Target fail (which has since been smartly removed from their site) was first noticed by blogilates.com, and they have a pretty cool conspiracy theory that whoever was assigned to photoshop these models did a horrible job on purpose as an act of rebellion against being forced to make skinny girls even skinnier. Let's hope that's what actually happened, because that's awesome.

Either that or a fourth-grader got ahold of these photos and Target just said "meh" and ran with them.

We're expecting a public apology from Target in 3…2…1…


This is embarrassing. I wasn't aware that Miranda Kerr was a freelance graphic designer
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