Teen Wolf 3x22 "De-Void" Recap Post

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 22, “De-Void,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 22, titled “De-Void,” begins with Kira and Scott racing toward Stiles, who is at Derek’s loft. The sheriff, Allison, Derek, and Chris all try their hand at taking him down, but are unsuccessful. There’s a standoff between Chris and the sheriff, and it only ends when the oni show up and everyone is forced to protect Stiles.

As Kira and Scott arrive, the oni disappear with Stiles. He ends up in the basement of Eichen House, where Mrs. Yukimura is looking at Rhys’ body. She pulls out the last of her knives, but Stiles takes it stabs himself in the stomach. “Chaos is come again,” he says.

And that’s when a swarm of flies burst out of his wound and he disappears once again. But the gross factor doesn’t end there. A fly enters the hospital and lands on Isaac, worming its way into his arm, causing Isaac to wake up.

Kira and Scott crash at his house, and we get a cute scene of them in bed, kissing for the first time. A fly tries to get through the window, but they don’t notice.

Allison admits to her father that she is the one that took the firing pin out of his gun so he couldn’t hurt Stiles. Instead of being angry, Chris just tells her “that’s why the women in our family are leaders.” Isaac pulls a Derek in the next scene, as he’s just sitting alone in the dark in Allison’s bedroom. She seems happy to see him, at least, but it’s obvious something is wrong with him.

At Derek’s loft, he tries to figure out what the nogitsune was trying to say with the game of chess. Peter comes over and points out that Derek isn’t healing from the wound caused by an oni’s sword. He also tells Derek that chess isn’t the game of a nogitsune. As Peter leaves, a fly enter’s Derek’s wound.

In the locker room, a fly also enters Ethan. The same thing happens to Aiden as he and Lydia arrive at a parking lot and find Stiles’ wounded body.

The next morning, Isaac is looking over Allison’s weapons. It’s clear he wants to kill the twins, although Allison says they all agreed to give them a second chance. When Isaac walks out, Allison tries to follow him but finds that she’s chained to the bed.

As Sheriff Stilinksii goes to his hearing, which will decide if he’ll continue as sheriff, Stiles is brought to Scott’s house. Deaton gives him kanima venom, which paralyzes him. Meanwhile, Derek shows up at Chris’ house to exact revenge on him for what Kate did to Derek’s entire family.

With time running out, and not knowing what to do about Stiles, Lydia suggests calling Peter to help. Peter suggests getting into Stiles’ head instead of turning him.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 De-Void Kira Allison

Back at the school, the twins fight under the influence of the nogitsune. Before getting too far, however, Isaac shows up and takes them down. Before he can finish them off, though, Kira and Allison show up and stop him. They’re only partially successful, though, and as they lock themselves in a room to stay safe, the three werewolves start fighting each other again.

It seems as though Lydia has promised Peter she’ll tell him about his child if he helps. Peter agrees, and says Lydia and Scott have to go inside Stiles’ head and bring him back to the surface. As they do exactly that, Lydia and Scott find themselves tied down in Eichen house.

While all this is going down, Derek continues to threaten Chris, going as far as dousing him in lighter fluid and holding a lighter in front of his face. In the sheriff’s station, Agent McCall surprises everyone by saving the sheriff’s job. It turns out the impeachment was just an excuse to stick around longer. Sheriff Stilinski tells McCall he needs to let Scott in on the secret.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 De-Void Derek

Back in Stiles’ head, Scott and Lydia get separated. Lydia flashes back to after homecoming and after she was bitten by Peter. Allison and Scott, on the other hand, are making out in her closet. But both circumstances are just a trick, and as Peter helps them realize this, the two teens make it to the white room where Stiles is playing Go with the nogitsune.

As Allison and Kira do an awesome job teaming up again the three werewolves, Scott howls to Stiles, who finally realizes he’s there. Stiles destroys the game and Lydia and Scott wake up. Lydia fulfills her end of the bargain with Peter, whispering Malia’s name, and as she does so, Stiles wakes up.

Stiles pulls a long bandage out of his mouth, and as he finishes dispelling everything, the bandaged man becomes real. But there’s a twist: The bandaged man is the real Stiles, and the nogitsune, who also appears as Stiles, makes off with Lydia.


Much better than previous weeks. Also two is always better than one.