Zoie Palmer comes out at Canadian Screen Awards

Last night, at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards, Zoie Palmer won the Fan’s Choice Award and in her acceptance speech, pulled a Jodie Foster and thanked her “incredible partner” Alex Lalonde. And by partner, sources say, she meant, you know, partner. Zoie also thanked her son, Lucas, who is said to be Lalonde’s son from a previous relationship.

Palmer was born in England but grew up in Newmarket, Ontario, getting involved in theater as a teenager. She’s been working steadily in the US and Canada since 2002, grabbing parts in made-for-TV movies like The Reagans and recurring roles in shows like the CTV teen series Instant Star and Global TV series The Guard. She recently starred in Sex After Kids, a romantic comedy written and directed by Jeremy Lalonde, who I think we can safely say is related to Alex Lalonde. Her role as Lauren on Lost Girl, which began in 2010, is what vaulted her into the hearts and minds of queer women all over the galaxy.

Zoie has been involved with TV Producer Alex Lalonde (who tweeted her excitement over Palmer’s win) for an unspecified period of time. The two were involved in some of the same projects in the past. Anthropologists report an early sighting of the two women together on twitter in 2011, but it’s impossible to know for sure.

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At TIFF in 2012.

Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer wowed as they attended the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards, held on March 9th, at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada. The Lost Girl actresses were joined by Shay Mitchell, who presented at the award show, Jessica Lowndes, David Sutcliffe and more. Zoie and Anna didn’t go home empty-handed. According to the official twitter for the screen awards, Lost Girl and Zoie Palmer earned “Fan Choice Award for Favorite Canadian Show & “Fan Choice Award For Canadian Screen Star” respectively – Congrats to the cast + Zoie.

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