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OWN's Lindsay Offers Sad, Boring Look at the Life of Lindsay Lohan

Sunday’s first installment of Oprah Winfrey‘s Lindsay docu-series (10/9c, OWN) was not unlike Lindsay Lohan, herself: tragic and confusing, yet strangely compelling.

That said, if you were hoping for a tabloid-style portrayal of Lohan’s “train wreck” existence, you were likely disappointed by the premiere, which presented the actress not only as a recovering addict, but as a hopeful survivor.

Sure, there was the occasional moment of insanity — I’m still not sure why Lohan found herself at that lingerie shoot, and any scene featuring mom Dina Lohan was pure gold — but for the most part, the premiere took itself very seriously.

In fact, it was almost boring at times, which is probably how Lohan’s life should be if she honestly wants to better herself. We saw her hug her brother, smoke some cigarettes and hunt for an apartment. We’ve all had days like this — minus the swarm of paparazzi and memories of prison.

Future episodes look to be slightly more intriguing, with promos touting an appearance by Lohan’s dad — noted maniac Michael — and an explosive confrontation with Oprah. But the question is: Do you care enough to sit through several more hours of this?

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