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Is Anna Friel and Rhys Ifan's relationship over?

Friel-ing a bit lonely? Anna looks for love after Rhys Ifans rift

They were known as the most affectionate couple in showbusiness – regularly seen smooching at parties and premieres. But is Anna Friel and Rhys Ifans’s three-year relationship now over?

Anna was overheard telling friends at a party in Notting Hill last week that she was on the lookout for someone new, apparently confirming that she and Rhys had split.

‘Her friend was asking her whether there was anyone new on the scene. She replied, “No, not really” but it was clear she meant she was on the lookout,’ says my source at the party.

The 37-year-old former Brookside actress and Welshman Rhys, 46, had spent a lot of time apart in recent months.

Anna lives in London with her nine-year-old daughter, while Notting Hill star Rhys has been busy in LA filming Elementary, the US version of Sherlock.

The pair started dating in 2011 after bonding on the set of TV series Neverland. Both Rhys and Anna had previously known rocky love lives.

Anna split with David Thewlis, the father of her daughter, after nine years together in 2010, while Rhys was heartbroken when fiancee Sienna Miller dumped him in 2008.

Happy pictures of Anna and Rhys out on the town had dried up of late. Anna attended the InStyle pre-BAFTA party last month alone. Rhys, meanwhile, has been seen drinking at his local in Notting Hill when in London.

A spokesman for Rhys attempted to play down the report but would not comment. A spokesman for Anna was unavailable for comment.

Source: The Daily Mail
Tags: actor / actress, breakup, british celebrities, elementary (cbs), rumors / gossip

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