Jennifer Connelly talks volcanoes, Noah and picking projects

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Jennifer Connelly, 43, spoke with DuJour magazine recently about her latest project, Darren Aronofsky's Noah, and an eclectic range of other subjects. Check out the full interview at the source!

On her escorts down an Icelandic volcano: “Looking back, it’s one of the dodgiest things I’ve ever participated in. I thought they were geologists, these people escorting us into a cavern full of holes and encouraging us to run around, but it turned out they were out-of-work actors. I was like, really?”

On her character in Noah, Naameh: “I didn’t want to just have her be a sidekick we didn’t get to learn about. I wanted people to understand who she was."

On picking roles: "There’s a wish list of elements: a great director, a great part I can do something with and interesting people to work with. It’s not a perfect world, so sometimes you get a great director but not a great part, or a great part with someone you don’t know. You compromise."

Check out the full interview at the source.

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