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ONTD Original: The Top 8 Lil Kim Songs and Features.

Whatever happened to Kimberly Jones? The once indisputable rap vixen, now self-made Latoya Jackson twin, use to be hailed as the "Queen of Hip-Hop" achieving both commercial and critical success. But ever since Biggie died and her addiction to plastic surgery spiraled out of control she's just never been the same. In memoriam of what use to be, lets take a look back at some of the songs that made Kim so special.

Queen Bitch is probably Kim's best song lyrically most likely do the fact that it was ghost written by Biggie

Diddy's "It's All About the Benjamins" remix featured Lil Kim outshining the rest of the Bad Boy crew.

Big Momma Thing starts off Kim's multi-platinum debut with overtly sexual lyrics that were missing from earlier female MCs.

A Lil Kim classic! How could you not love this song in which Kimmy boasts about counting a milli while having cunnilingus performed on her?

On this scathing Nicki Minaj diss we see the return of the fierce, hot blooded lyircs that have been missing from Kim's music the last decade or so.

Lil Kim & Biggie team up again for this laid back song.

Kimmy raps about not taking any shit from men. She'll use and abuse your ass.

"Crush on You" is probably considered Kim's signature song despite the fact that she doesn't even appear on the album version.

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