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Jenelle's Boyfriend Blames Babs For Her Heroin Addiction.

In a preview clip for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans said that her mom Barbara came over to visit her and set things straight after continually fighting with her about her new boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Unfortunately, with Jenelle’s estranged husband Courtland Rogers getting out of prison, Babs wasn’t in the best of moods and got into it with Nathan.

Babs: I wouldn’t be driving around on the streets of Myrtle Beach because he knows that car. The last time he tried to run you off the road. Nathan, you better not drive her car. If he tries to run you off the road and you get into an accident, she’s going to lose her car and her insurance. You understand?

Nathan: Yeah, I understand perfectly.

Babs: It’s like every car she gets, the boyfriends wreck it.

Nathan: Yeah, because I’m a horrible guy like that, right Barbara?

Babs: Two ***damn hours I come up here.

Nathan: Don’t use that word in my house. Leave please.

Babs: F*** you.

Nathan: That’s great. Way to raise her child and teach him those words.

Babs: I’m talking to you, I’m not talking to the baby.

Nathan: You don’t think he hears things? You’re a great parent. You got your daughter hooked on heroin. Good job, Barbara.

Babs: I didn’t put a needle in her arm.

Nathan: It’s called parenting. If you kept a short leash on her and knew what she was doing…

Babs: Don’t ever tell me about raising my kids because I was a single mother with three kids!

Tags: drugs / alcohol, reality show - mtv, teen mom (mtv)

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