Tragic death spurs 'Slates for Sarah' movement across Hollywood

A death in the entertainment industry has caused widespread grief and anger throughout the community, and has led to the widespread 'Slates for Sarah' movement.

On February the 20th, Sarah Jones, was tragically killed in the process of filming a stunt, involving a train, on the set of Midnight Rider. Investigations are underway in determining who is to blame for the camera assistant's death, with Georgia law authorities treating the tragedy as negligent homicide.

Initial reports are suggesting that shortcuts in production led to the unfortunate event, which also injured four other people. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Jones's father describes how she had commented: "Some of the people asking her questions should have known more than her and she thought that was odd."

Regardless of who is at fault, the event has highlighted the need for increased safety measures on set. It has spurred numerous filmmakers to honor her memory by posting pictures of slates in memory for Sarah to the SlatesforSarah Facebook page.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, the camera assistant's parents describe their reaction to the response to Sarah's death: "We are both overwhelmed with the response, the love and the condolences from the public. It's overwhelming, that one person's life can make such a difference, it's incredible. It's part of therapy. It's helping us get through this whole ordeal. It does offer some level of comfort to have so much support. It's good to think that it appears that this will make a difference."