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Ciara Pregnant, Baby Gender Revealed as Boy?

Rapper Future is excited to be a dad again, and although he and fiancee Ciara have managed to keep the baby's gender a secret thus far, he appeared to have revealed that the couple are expecting a boy, all while saying he wants a girl too.

Future stopped by Tim Westwood and chatted about his future musical projects, his Honest album and working with Drake and DJ Khaled. Midway through the interview, he gushed about Ciara and how she's been changing their entire house for the baby.

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Cici Finally shares she was always against go girl (she never performs it lol)

Years Later.. As I Look Back.. I can now comfortably share with you, that this is one of the songs I didn't want to release as a first single for this project....I fought hard not to release it, and lost that fight:)...However, I still gave it my all.. And it ended up being one if my favorite videos. #GoGirlVideo. Me Melina and Jamaica. #ProudOfThisVisual. The Choreography. Wardrobe. Everything!

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