Robert Knepper doesn’t know who he’s playing in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’

When Robert Knepper was cast in The Hunger Games two-part finale Mockingjay, readers didn’t recognize the name of his character.

As it turns out, even the actor doesn’t know who he is playing.

Knepper will play a character named Antonius in Mockingjay, which is currently filming both installments under the direction of Catching Fire helmer Francis Lawrence. When Knepper was cast in December, many started wondering who this unknown character is. According to one report, he will play President Snow’s minister. Lionsgate had no comment.

So does the actor know any more than we do? “I don’t even know yet!” Knepper said to MTV this week. “I know what I read for. I read, this was last summer… This is a huge movie. This is a huge two movies, and I know that what I got is not what I’ll end up doing, they’re so secretive about this.”

It sounds like his audition script used dialogue that isn’t for his actual character. Maybe he read for a different role. Whatever the case, Lionsgate didn’t want information getting out about Antonius (and/or they hadn’t fleshed out his part yet).

“You’re going to find out when I find out,” Knepper promised. “Well, I’ll find out a little bit sooner than you, but I still haven’t found out for sure!”

Despite these friendly comments from the actor, we imagine that Lionsgate will want to keep a tight lid on who this character for as long as possible. We may not know until the November 2014 or November 2015 release (whichever Mockingjay film his character first appears in).