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Julia Roberts: "I Was Never As Talented As I Thought I Was"

Julia Roberts has revealed that she had an overly high opinion of herself when she was younger.

The actress, 46, thinks she'd have benefited from keeping her job in retail for a while before starting her film career.

"I wish I could have known at 18 how great it was to be 30 and beyond," says Julia.

"I moved from my small town of Smyrna, Georgia to New York at 18 and I worked in a shoe store. That, looking back, is where I should have stayed for some time. I made my film debut when I was 20, in Satisfaction. But in truth, I was a lot less mature, confident and talented than I thought I was."

"I realized that when I worked with other young actresses on Mona Lisa Smile in 2003. The girls - Julia Stiles, Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin - were far more sophisticated than I was at their age."

Julia didn't feel truly confident until she was a bit older and she thinks her acting has improved with age too.

"The difference between 18 and 30 is enormous and fabulous," the Pretty Woman star tells The Sun.

"On my 30th, every person I loved and adored in the world was with me. I was excited and could not understand the tone of doom about leaving my youth behind. Since then, my life has been bliss. If I knew that 30 was going to be so much fun I would have done it at 22!"

Julia was nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award at the Oscars for her role in August: Osage County.

Since she said she was feeling herself a little too much when she was younger, let's take a walk down photo memory lane...

The haircut that freaked out a nation

ONTD, were any of you feeling yourself a little too much when you were younger lol?

Source: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/551191/julia-roberts-i-was-never-as-talented-as-i-thought-i-was-i-should-have-stayed-working-in-a-shoe-shop
Source: http://www.aboutjulia.com/juliaimages/
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