Grace of Monaco Trailer

Olivier Dahan last directed La Vie en Rose, the overwrought biopic that skipped between every traumatic moment of Edith Piaf’s life. (She’s born in a brothel! She’s blind! She’s homeless! Her boyfriend died! She’s a drug addict! She’s dead!) Now, he’s bringing us another biopic, this time about Grace Kelly’s turbulent marriage to the Prince of Monaco. In Grace of Monaco, the trailer for which was released this morning, Dahan focuses on a moment of turmoil — as is the trend in current biopics nowadays — rather than a lifetime of it. The trailer lavishes three minutes of eye-candy on us, depicting Monaco as a heavenly cage into which Grace Kelly (played by Nicole Kidman) voluntarily stepped, forfeiting her acting career for a life of possibly loveless luxury. While the movie could be just as sprawling and melodramatic as La Vie en Rose, the cast — which includes Tim Roth, Frank Langella, and, inexplicably (but to my delight), Parker Posey — promises great performances. It’ll premiere later this year at Cannes, which, not so coincidentally, was where Kelly and the Prince of Monaco first met.