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Jay And Jenna Have Reached A ‘Real World’ Stalemate — Where Should They Go From Here?

Some couples are so in sync there’s no questioning whether it’s meant to be, but on tonight’s “Real World: Ex-Plosion,” Jay and Jenna were on completely different pages and their future suddenly seemed limited. While Jenny was busy unleashing rageful roundhouse kicks on her ex, Brian, Jay expressed how lucky he felt to have one of the house’s few low-maintenance relationships, but when Jamie couldn’t take his skewed assessment lying down, she jumped in and urged Jenna to speak the truth: That she was unhappy, and Jay’s rose-colored glasses were keeping him from seeing clearly.

Once Jamie opened up the floodgates, a tearful Jenna, who admitted she hates confrontation, finally told Jay that she felt slighted by the fact that after a year-and-a-half together, he still wouldn’t say he loved her, or officially call her his girlfriend. Jay tried to comfort Jenna by assuring her his problem was rooted in the idea of commitment — not Jenna, specifically — and that he was too burned by a previous ex to take another romantic risk. But she simply wasn’t hearing it. “I don’t think Jay should take his past out on me,” Jenna said. “He should start over. If he gets hurt again, he gets hurt again. I mean, that’s life.”

In the video below at the source, “Real World S#!t Show” host Willam Belli chalks up Jay and Jenna’s trouble to hoping for different things in a relationship. “I think Jay is willing to give a certain amount of himself and Jenna wants more, but she’ll take that because that’s all Jay is offering,” Willam theorizes. “If you really want a sundae, but all someone has is a waffle cone, you’ll say ‘OK, I’ll take it.’” A fair point, indeed.

+ So, should Jenna take what Jay’s offering? Listen to more of Willam’s commentary, read an expert’s advice for the pair and tell us where you think they should go from here.

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