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RuPaul Trolls Pirates With Fake Album Leak on The Pirate Bay

American actor, artist and TV judge RuPaul has leaked his album "Born Naked" on The Pirate Bay, with a special surprise for those who dare to pirate it. The leak includes the first parts of every track, followed by RuPaul talking over his own music, which at times is pretty hilarious.

Unlike other leaks, however, this copy wasn’t exactly what most pirates were looking for.

At first sight the album appears to be full length, and even the start of all tracks seem legit. However, those who continue to listen are in for a surprise.

After the first minute or so the music becomes muffled, just as RuPaul breaks in with a message for the downloader.

“Girl, you done stole my album. Uh Uh, you better don’t hookah, you better get your tail on over to iTunes baby, because I want to get some of that,” is how the first track “Freaky Money” goes after a 30 second intro.

Then RuPaul continues with some random conversation, funny skits, as well as

“Freaky Money” pirate edition

It appears that it took quite a bit of effort to put the pirate leak together, as every track contains a unique message. In addition to poking fun at pirates, most of the conversation is about the tracks themselves, or just random thoughts.

With the track “Modern Love” RuPaul starts talking over the music around a minute into the song.

“It’s RuPaul up on WERQ, I’ve decided to change my radio station name to WERQ, ain’t that better? That’s right, you’re listening to WERQ, this is Ru, you’re listening to the BOOT motherfucking LEG of my album.”

“I wasn’t going to cuss, because I thought, oh no, we can’t do that. But hey, this is some motherfucking pirated shit, this is illegal, bitch, you’re illegal, as.. as, you’re the one illegal!”

“Modern Love” pirate edition

On the final track “Born Naked” RuPaul again starts by condemning the person who downloaded the album, then continues to chat about the track and the people who participated in the ‘leak’, which is in effect an extended advert for the album.

“Born Naked” pirate edition

The parts where RuPaul talks over the tracks are actually quite entertaining at times, which makes it pretty unique. The tone isn’t too serious, although the message probably is, which is a good combo.

It definitely beats the decoy files music labels used to upload, which wouldn’t play at all. Instead of frustrating potential consumers, RuPaul is sending a friendly reminder to those who perhaps forgot to pay.

Ironically, those who like RuPaul will have to pay a visit to The Pirate Bay to grab a copy of this collector’s item.


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