Amy Poehler Wants Your Pants (aka Amy Poehler Old Navy ads!)


We had never given much thought to just how delightful pants could be until Amy Poehler entered our lives. The Parks and Recreation star (and PEOPLE favorite) has a new gig — starring in a series of upcoming Old Navy commercials — and they’re just as amusing as you’d expect. We got an exclusive sneak peek at the first ad (and the outtakes) and let’s just say we’re glad we weren’t invited to the set, since we would have ruined every take by laughing.

“I’m basically the Daniel Day Lewis of commercials,” Poehler says of preparing for her role. Well, make that roles. “I’m going to be playing a bunch of different characters and you know I disappear when I play my characters.” Judging from the spot below, that means all the delivery men in L.A. should be walking very carefully in case Poehler’s still Method acting.

She also says that despite the glitz, glamour and red carpets that come with her job, she’s still a practical shopper. “I grew up very middle class,” she says. “My parents were both elementary school teachers and we always were looking for good deals and I still have that feeling.”

Now that you’re back from watching the outtakes a time (or four), wondering what Poehler has planned for the rest of 2014? “This year it’s about urgency, fashion, people, food, life, kids, love, the sun, the moon, it’s a big year.” Well, we certainly aren’t going to argue with that.