pixie (yanozuyanoki) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Broods - "Never Gonna Change" [Music Video]

What’s with all the water? And, does this mean they’re giving up on "Bridges"?

New Zealand duo Broods (made of siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott) have premiered on VEVO the official music video for their new single “Never Gonna Change”. “Bridges” is Brood’s very first official single, it got to the Top 10 in New Zealand, and it was climbing positions in Australia, and everybody was thinking Broods, having now signed deals with UK and US labels, would go to these markets to promote this song which is also produced by the producer behind Lorde's debut album, Joel Little.

"Never Gonna Change" is pretty decent but i thought "Bridges" would be a better song to represent them (and personally i prefer "Pretty Thing" to be a second single or third single, maybe?)

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Tags: lorde, music video, new music post

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