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Jennie Garth was "bitter" rivals with Shannen Doherty during 90210

Jennie Garth has spilled the details on multiple aspects of her life in her book "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde".

And, of course, there was some 90210 talk, which brought up her former frenemie Shannen Doherty.
"One of the great 90210 legends is that Shannen and I actually came to blows one time," Garth writes. "I will tell you that this never happened—although we did come very, very close."

Jennie went on to illustrate a specific incident when Doherty was trying to throw Garth off her game while shooting, and she just had enough.

"We were shooting a scene and Shannen kept grabbing at the hem of my skirt, trying to slap me on the leg—anything to get me to react and break character. Finally, when she'd pulled up my skirt, and my bare ass was exposed for everyone on the set to see, I did snap and I yelled at her, something to the effect of, 'Come on, bitch! We're talking this outside!'"

Dang, Jennie! The two went outside cursing each other out, but "before we could kill each other," Luke Perry and Jason Priestley jumped in and separated the two, who Garth compared to "gasoline and a match," from each other.

"Brenda and Kelly began as best friends but turned into bitter rivals, and Shannen and I did, too, at least for a time while we were working together." Garth mentioned that one day "without warning," Doherty was gone. With time, she settled her tension with Shannen and "now I count her as one of my dearest, closest friends."


Are you still bitter rivals with someone from high school, ONTD? How do you handle bullies from back in the day?

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