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Queen Gwyneth Paltrow Named New Face of Skincare Line Restorsea

When it comes to what skincare products Gwyneth Paltrow uses, we're all ears. Because clearly whatever type of fountain of youth she's drinking from, it's working.
Apparently Gwyneth is all about natural luxury skincare line Restorsea, and she's just been named its new brand ambassador. Says Gwyneth, "I was ecstatic when I learned that Restorsea is natural. Over time, I saw a real difference—a kind of freshness and dewiness."

Gwyneth doesn't run around giving her official Paltrow Stamp of Approval to just anything, so clearly there's got to be something special about Restorsea. The brand's secret ingredient is actually a natural enzyme released by salmon at birth that helps skin with the aging process. When we said these products were all natural, we weren't kidding.

But if it's Restorsea that's giving Gwyneth her fresh dewiness that we've been coveting for years, then we're about ready to empty our pockets and buy up the whole skincare line, pronto.

source: eonline, restorsea

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