Fox's Gotham Casts Young Bruce Wayne and Future 'Catwoman' Selina Kyle

Gotham has found its preteen Batman Bruce Wayne.

Touch‘s David Mazouz has been cast in the series regular role of the someday philanthropist/costumed crimefighter in Fox’s upcoming Commissioner Gordon origin series, TVLine has learned.

As those familiar with Batman’s tragic beginnings know, young Master Wayne is an orphan following the murder of his wealthy parents. The serious, soulful kiddo grows up protected and guided by Alfred Pennyworth (to be played by Sean Pertwee) and Gotham PD detective/future commissioner James Gordon (played by Southland‘s Ben McKenzie).

Mazouz is best known as Jake, the mysterious autistic boy at the center of Fox’s Touch. His other TV credits include The Office, Criminal Minds and Private Practice.

Also moving into Gotham as a series regular: Newcomer (and Michelle Pfeiffer lookalike) Camren Bicondova as the teenage Selina Kyle (aka the future Catwoman). Another orphan (and a pickpocket), Selina is described as “wholly unpredictable” and “dangerous when cornered.” Kitten’s got claws, eh?