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Best Manicures of the 2014 Oscar Awards

Lupita Nyong'O

With every awards shows comes a dazzling array of fabulous celebrity manicures, and last night's 2014 Oscar Awards was no exception!

From pretty pale shades to a surprising number of subtly sparkly hues, manicures among stars like Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga and Giuliana Rancic proved to be chic, short and very versatile.
We caught up with countless of our favorite stars like Lupita Nyong'o, Kristin Chenoweth and Jessica Biel on the red carpet who happily showed off their perfectly polished nails in our very own Mani Cam—and we absolutely loved what we saw.

Celebs, including the hilarious Jonah Hill, couldn't help but strut their nails down the miniature red carpet, putting their mesmerizing manis on full display.

It seemed as almost every leading lady opted for neutral polish shades this time around, letting their dazzling gowns and incredible accessories take center stage for the main event; while the lovely Jennifer Garner stood out from the pack with a classic glossy red manicure for the big night.

Kerry Washington and Emma Watson also both opted for moody berry shades for an elegant touch to their ensembles, and Maria Menounos rocked some edgy nail art for a fun twist.
Check out the best manicures of the evening!

AnnE Hathaway

Emma Watson

Maria Menounos

Kelly Osbourne

Johnny Weir

Lady Gaga

E! Online
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