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"The Goldbergs" Pay Homage To "The Goonies" Tonight

ABC’s The Goldbergs is all about the ’80s — the fashions, the TV shows, the technologies, the toys. So it was only a matter of time before they got around to paying their respects to one of the era’s most treasured cinematic entertainments, 1985′s The Goonies.

In Tuesday night’s episode, Adam (Sean Giambrone) gets the opportunity to live out his Goonies fantasies when he gets caught up in a treasure hunt. He calls upon the help of his friends and family, assigning each person a Goonies counterpart to model themselves after — including, naturally, the distant acquaintance that Adam enlists to fill the token Asian role. Awkward.

The network is going so all-out with their promotion for this episode, there’s even a series of special “trading cards” to go with it.

There’s something kind of weird about watching these fresh-faced kids reenact Goonies, seeing as it’s a full generation ahead of their time. Lead actor Giambrone is about fourteen, which means he wasn’t even born until fifteen years after the film came out. If you were around his age when you first fell in love with it, you’re closer to his parents’ age than you are to his.

That said, Goonies never say die and Goonies fans never do either. Affection for the film still runs strong, three decades after its original debut. We’re betting this episode is bound to give plenty of you some warm, nostalgic fuzzies when it airs on ABC tonight at 9/8c.

I think this source is ok?? Could not find promo vid to embed but can go to source for it.

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