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ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? An Oscar winner and a Loser.

Jared won and Jen lost! What do the stars see in common between these Acamdemy Award Winners?

So, the main reason I chose Jared & Jen out of the other contenders was because they share complex aspect patterns which was a huge factor. Jared, particularly, has an INSANE chart with more to cover than ONTD would ever read; and for the record, Queen Lupita was my main choice, but her complete chart is not available, and since she's going to be incredibly famous, I'm gonna wait it out and see if her time of birth surfaces.


Jared Leto. I don't know ONTD's opinion of him well enough for a witty cut line quip...Collapse )

J Law

I don't think I need a witty quip for her, I think you guys got this one.Collapse )

Long list of sources/infoCollapse )

I wrote like, so much more about the T-Square, Grand Trine, and Kite aspects both of them have in their charts- but I took it out because it was getting way too crazy for non-obsessed to understand, and these posts are already tl;dr for 90% of us. If you're interested, I'll talk about it in the comments. Start praying that a talk show host asks Lupita what time she was born.
Tags: astrology, jared leto / 30stm, jennifer lawrence, ontd original

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