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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Shows Up On Jimmy Kimmel, Wrong Day (Video)

Disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made a cameo on Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar special Sunday evening following the Academy Awards. Midway through the broadcast, Kimmel promoted Ford's upcoming appearance, admitting that he has "never been more excited about a guest than I am for his one."

That was when Ford -- dressed in a tux -- came through the doors of Kimmel's Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio, across the street from the Dolby Theatre where the 86th annual Academy Awards were held, seemingly confused by when he was supposed to appear. "Oh, sorry Jimmy," Ford said after waving to the audience. Ford will be an official guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday evening.

Later, when Kimmel's lead guest Kevin Spacey appeared on the couch, the late-night host thanked the two-time Oscar winner for sharing a dressing room with Ford. "Well, he threw up all over it," Spacey joked.

On Saturday evening, Jimmy Kimmel Live! released photos of Kimmel picking up Ford from LAX, with the caption "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a special chauffeur at LAX this evening."

In recent months Kimmel has staged a series of pranks -- from a viral "Twerk Fail" video to a fake Sochi Olympics clip -- that have fooled news outlets and garnered attention for the show.

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