not your average tubgirl (thecanuckian) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
not your average tubgirl

The Amazing Race All Stars - S24E02 - "Baby Bear's Soup"

Brendon and Rachel arrived first to the Pit Stop and won $2,500 EACH

Mallory and Mark melted the fuck down on leg TWO and were eliminated.

This week's rankings
1. Brendon & Rachel
2. Margie & Luke
3. Caroline & Jennifer
4. Dave & Connor
5. Flight Time & Big Easy
6. Jet & Cord
7. Leo & Jamal
8. John & Jessica
9. Joey & Meghan
10. Mallory & Mark
11. Natalie and Nadiya

idk who to root for lmao I guess Dave & Connor are the least worst!

Source: TV
Tags: reality show, spoilers, television - cbs

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