Weekend Box Office

After three weeks of LEGO dominance, first place went to a new movie this weekend. Liam Neeson action flick Non-Stop received the broader marketing push, though Son of God generated the type of presales that made it a breakout hit with underserved Christian moviegoers.

A handful of movies recieved moderate releases this weekend. Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises, which is nominated for Best Animated Feature, expands to 496 theaters after earning over $400,000 from 21 theaters in the past week. World War II movie Stalingrad, which earned over $52 million in native Russia, will open at 308 IMAX locations. Finally, Lionsgate releases Forest Whitaker/Anthony Mackie thriller Repentance at 152 theaters. It would be surprising if any of these titles cracked the Top 10.

Meanwhile, Paramount is re-releasing an R-rated extended cut of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues in to 1,317 theaters. There has been a slight marketing push around this, with an emphasis on the "fact" that there are 763 new jokes. Unfortunately, audiences weren't very enthusiastic about the original version, and re-releases like this don't have a particularly strong track record anyway.


What did you watch this weekend?