Alain Resnais Dies at 91

Alain Resnais, a cinema pioneer and a leading light of the French New Wave, has died aged 91.

One of the most critically-aclaimed French helmers of all times, Resnais directed such cult films as the Marguerite Duras-scripted ”Hiroshima Mon Amour,”a flagship pic of the New Wave, which earned an Oscar nom for original screenplay in 1961, and “Last Year at Marienbad.

Helmer had a deep relationship with the Cannes Intl. Film Festival: Among the flurry of awards he won throughout his long and prolific career, Resnais nabbed a Special Jury prize in Cannes for Gerard Depardieu starrer ”My American Uncle” in 1980 and competed in 2012 with “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” He also received a lifetime achievement prize in 2009.

His last film, “Life of Riley,” which was produced by his longtime producer and friend Jean-Louis Livi and is sold by Le Pacte, won a prize for innovation at Berlin Film Festival.