Shirtless Simon Cowell struggles to control his misbehaving pet pooches during beach stroll


He's used to being in control of big situations.

But Simon Cowell struggled to keep hold of his pet dogs Squiddly and Diddly when he took them for a walk on a beach in Miami on Saturday.

The shirtless music mogul got pulled along by the disobedient pooches, who spent the stroll barking at passersby and causing a big nuisance for their owner.


Simon appeared to be clinging onto his misbehaving pups for dear life as they pulled hard on their leashes.

At one point one of the rambunctious dogs lunged at a photographer's ankles causing the X Factor boss to take drastic action by leaping forward to restrain his canine.

Fortunately for Simon, the paparazzi saw the funny side of the incident and chuckled after the lively pup took aim for his leg.

Following the altercation, the 54-year-old music mogul was pictured giving his dog a telling off by pointing his finger at the pup.

As well as giving his dogs a run out, Simon also used the opportunity to top up his tan as he simply wore a pair of blue and white swimming shorts.

Despite the drama, Simon was all smiles as he strolled on the beach and seemed happy to pose for pictures with fans.

Even when they weren't on the sand, Simon's puppies were misbehaving as he walked along the path towards the beach.

He was seemed to be struggling to keep hold of them as they jumped around and pulled on the lead.
While Simon seemed to be having a great time with his pooches, despite them misbehaving, the other loves of his life, Lauren Silverman and their two-week-old baby Eric were nowhere to be seen.