Thor and his grown up Hot Dog Baby go for a bike ride

Who needs to be a superhero when you can be a super dad?

With two more babies on the way, and 21-month-old Indian Rose growing bigger every day, Chris Hemsworth has really started to get this parenting thing down.

The 29-year-old found the perfect way to get his daughter to go to sleep on Monday in Malibu, California - taking her for a bike ride.

Popping the little girl in an iBert seat on the front of his Townie bike, the Thor star used peddle power to lull her off to the land of nod.

As her father rode around, India tried valiantly to keep her eyes open but quickly got sleepier and sleepier before her chin dropped down to rest on her chest.

Making sure the 21-month-old was safe, Chris strapped a pink and white helmet on her but skipped doing the same for himself.

For his bike ride the Rush star threw on some black shorts with a grey T-shirt, a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap with the slogan 'Natural Addiction' (it's from the catering company that provided food services for Heart of the Sea) on it.

The star was obviously planning on stopping at few scenic spots, as he also brought along his camera.

While Chris was dressed like it was summer, little India meanwhile was rugged up, wearing thee-quarter length pants, a grey jumper over a pink turtle neck and pink sneakers with bright blue socks.

It was no wonder the toddler was tired, as she had a big day on Monday having gone out shopping with her mother Elsa Pataky in the morning.

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