The HIMYM cast and crew Tweets pictures and more during the final days of filming

The HIMYM cast and crew have been filming the series finale for the past two weeks, and shooting wrapped up today. They've been Tweeting their progress since the final table read a while ago.

The cast got emotional during the final table read on February 14, 2014.

And then filming started last week.

Aly's daughters, Satyana and Keeva, visiting the set (or maybe more?) one day.

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A picture Cobie Tweeted and then deleted - most likely because she's wearing the locket.

And then, because he had to film a movie, Jason wrapped up filming early.

Sandy Rivers is returning!

And now today, the final day of shooting.

Neil Patrick Harris wrapped up his nine-year run as How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney on Thursday with…short shorts?!

In the following behind-the-scenes photo of the actor filming his final scene (as director/executive producer Pam Fryman and the crew give him a round of applause), Harris is seen wearing a very casual outfit in lieu of one of his character’s classic suits.

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